Zoho Lead for Joomla and Zoho CRM Users

1User visiting your site fills in a contact form. This action is intercepted by Zoho Lead Component;

2A new Zoho element is generated in your Zoho Account. It can be a Lead, a Contact, or a Case. Use multiple forms on your site if you want;

3A new Joomla user is created using the name and email of the contact. This feature is optional and can be enabled on the Zoho Lead Component options;

4Email notifications are sent to any number of users. You enable and configure target emails for notifications on the Zoho Lead Component options.

Using Zoho Lead instead of raw Zoho Web Forms you never expose sensitive fields related to your Zoho account connection. Also you have nice styling for your forms. Zoho Lead Component comes with two predefined styles and is easily customizable to use your template style or to use your own custom looking.

If you want to include your forms inside an article or module, you just need to use the Zoho Lead Plugin, included on the package you receive.

See it in Action!


No need to open you Zoho Account to see new leads and answer your contact requests. With Zoho Lead Component for Joomla you can see and convert your leads directly from Joomla administrator interface.

That's a powerful feature no other component will give you. This is the most complete integration of Joomla and Zoho CRM you have in the market.

Up and Running in 5 Minutes


Zoho Lead Extension comes with the following outstanding features:

  • Automatic creation of leads, contacts, and cases on Zoho CRM, from Joomla contact's page
  • Contacts registered automatically on Joomla, so you can include them on your email marketing lists
  • Administrators notified by email when a new lead is created, coming from web. This is especially useful for Zoho users of free accounts, where this functionality is not enabled on Zoho side
  • Quick rebuild of new form to reflect changes in Zoho CRM
  • Use multiple forms on Joomla site to have Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Contact, or Web-to-Case integration
  • Easy customization of your contact page style, or use one of the built in styles
  • A plugin that allows you to include a form in any place: a article or a module
  • See your leads right inside Joomla administrator interface. No need to switch to Zoho panel just to answer your contact requests
  • Open the lead detail page and see every field of the lead, including custom fields, and send a message to the user from the same page
  • Convert a Lead to a Contact, Account, and Potential - Optionally create a Joomla user for the converted lead name and save user and password on custom fields on your Zoho CRM
  • See all your potentials, or filter them by Onwer and/or Stage
  • Click on a potential name to see its details and change closing date, stage, and amount
  • English, Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal) language packs included
  • Use it as many times you need, on any number of sites. Buy once, use forever!
  • One-click update for one year: the easiest way to upgrade your component without downloading and installing procedures

Try and Buy

Try Zoho Lead Extension by yourself. Access our demo web site HERE. The user name is demo and password is also demo.

Prices and Licensing

Zoho Lead Extension price is only U$29.95 with one year upgrades and support included. After expiration you can still use the extension forever, you only will not be able to use one-click update and don't have support anymore. If you choose to renew you'll pay only U$9.90 for each subsequent year.

If you want Zoho Lead Extension for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x, you can buy the Combo package and pays only U$39.90. That's a U$20.00 discount! Renew it yearly for U$9.90.

Current subscribers of Zoho Lead Extensions for Joomla 2.5 can upgrade to Zoho Lead Combo or Zoho Lead for Joomla 3.x paying U$9.90. Just go through the purchase process logging into the web site with your account and click the corresponding Buy button. The discount will be available at the checkout page.

The software is Open Source licensed under GPLv3. We value freedom!

Note that support is for bug fixes only. Installation, configuration and customization can be subject of additional fees.


WARNING: This is a downloadable product. No CD or DVD or any kind of physical media is sent to you. After purchasing, you should access our web site, login with your account, and access the Subscriptions menu to download the package in ZIP format. Subsequent upgrades will be managed through one-click update of Zoho Lead component.


Zoho Lead Extension has the following requirements:

  • Joomla 2.5.x or Joomla 3.x (according to the package you're acquiring)
  • PHP 5.3 or 5.4 and Joomla! 2.5.6+
  • cURL enabled
  • A free or paid Zoho CRM account

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